Secure data and encryption

While securing your connections and entry points is key to your business continuity, sometimes some data is just too important not to protect and encrypt, from a number of solutions we can encrypt your email and data on or off site to ensure it is protected from potential threats. 256 key AES is strong enough encryption for international government organisations and will ensure your data is safe in your network. Let us understand what data is at concern and we’ll build the solutions that can fit your requirements across your business foundation.

Secure data and encryption

Email Protection

Spotlight consultancy around security is integral to any business serious about securing your email and web applications, as most business today cannot go without utilising one or both of pieces of infrastructure from day to day practice, it’s so easy now to accept emails that have hidden malicious content or employees easily tempted by the internet’s vast capabilities. We so often sign up to a new services or newsgroup only to be plagued continually by spam and non-useful calls to actions, let us help and put your concerns to rest.

  • Secure spam and anti-virus threats through your email today either on premise or in the cloud

  • Want to look at TLS Encryption and true email management and threat management more in depth

  • Keen to develop data protection rules to manage your white and blacklisted clients

Email Protection

Web Protection

Want to ensure your web access and users are safe? Secure your users web browsing and define your own internet polices among your user base. We can help devise and build suggestion to integrate in to your practice again to keep up to date with threats and minimise your risk to your organisations operations and cash flow.

  • Set internet user policies

  • Stop ransomware and malicious attacks

  • Malware tracking

  • Content Blocking

Working with key partners and market leaders in Symantec and BitDefender.

End Point

From servers to laptops, or any device on your network, ensure you can secure each endpoint with security all managed from a central console or your behalf. Protect against malicious malware attacks and ensure external connections are either blocked or managed from USB devices to SD cards we can ensure any device on your network is protected to unknown and poor user behaviour.

Today’s Cybercrime world is growing and increasingly at exponential rate, here are some key white papers on recent studies and attacks that have crippled business that have yet to invest in their security applications.

End Point


Devices are growing by the number among the general public and businesses alike, this means personal mobiles, business mobiles, and tablets are often left unchecked. If you would like to manage your data and ensure all data is secure and cannot be taken off your network, from a range of solutions we can secure all private and personal details and sensitive information you do not wish to be viewed or taken from your network. We can initially diagnose your current applications and see how secure you are from possible future threats, then look to make key suggestions to tighten any gaps among your organisations structure.

ATP (Advanced Threat Prevention)

Manage your network from the front, add deployed ATP across your network to monitor threats before they happen and help in identifying potential risks in your network. Email and Endpoint monitoring and URL filtering to ensure best practices are taken in minimising and help eliminating additional risks to network security.

Randomware, Crypto-locker and Phishing

It’s a dangerous digital world so if your not sure what protection your current setup is providing or you want to make sure that you, your business and your staff are covered incase something untoward happens then please don’t hesitate to Get in touch.

ATP (Advanced Threat Prevention), Randomware, Crypto-locker and Phishing
ATP, Randsomware, Cryptolocker, Physhing


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