Integration and innovation from start to finish

Picture all IT infrastructure under one house, managed for your peace of mind and comfort of a front to back end one touch support with a modern friendly touch. From the foundations up Spotlight will support your requirements regardless of where you are on your IT journey. With consultancy and implementation for a start-up organisation keen to make their first stamp in their market, to an established enterprise keen to remove painful processes slowing their adoption to beat their competitors. Let Spotlight enable your business to succeed as your vision desires and feel at ease with over 35 years of collective experience from core delivery to blue-chip multi-nationals, non-for-profit, business enterprises and even start-ups like ourselves we are here to listen. Consult and build your IT assets to strength your organisation while utilising a carefully crafted and selected array of web design and IT services and cloud based applications to support you no matter where you are on your road to a successful future.

Integration and innovation of infrastructure
All Devices

Put spotlight on your it infrastructure and start to shine

Front to back end management of your IT estate, where you can fully outsource or determine a bespoke management of applications and internal projects, whether it be migrating to the cloud or migrating email clients, Spotlight can consult, advise and integrate along the way, we are passionate about our clients and keen to see where we can make a difference. Through our managed service offering we look to break it down to four key elements:

Disaster Recovery

Webmaster management

From on-going content management to bespoke management of your website and online development, we appreciate some websites may not require day to day management while others may have transacting clients utilising their website every day, we are here to ensure we meet the level of service you would expect from a world class web development and IT consultancy.

Managed infrastructure

If you’re moving to the cloud and or have already migrated some aspects of your infrastructure to the cloud it is likely your management requirement has since reduced, with that said it will still require some resource to continue with some of these applications. We can optimise your management and automate reporting for the details you require, furthermore we can also deliver bespoke packages to help deliver the best service for your business. Ensuring all applications and servers are available and working at optimum level. Please ensure you get the most out of your IT and Infrastructure today.

Managed endpoints

Websites, Desktops, Laptops, Servers and mobile devices, the list is becoming endless in the amount of endpoints you are likely to have to manage or be aware what is entering and passing through your network each day. We can help centralise all of these applications ensuring a one touch point of contact and customised management report, as well as ensuring security and risk is minimised and protected against outside threats and internal users on your network.

Managed security

Further extension to your endpoints Managed Security ensures all is up to date, the network has been assessed and recommendations have been put in to practice or already active. It will further ensure all software and hardware applications are serving your business correctly and minimise any weak or entry points for cyber-crime to be a threat.

Spotlight enables your business all the way through the customer journey ensuring a smooth and graceful transition through your business processes to deliver refined quality in the market of your desire. Book your appointment today for a quick chat and consultancy.


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